5 1/2 years later Steven Wins!!

We last saw Mr. Kehret at a monthly in May 2009. What a way to return!! A personal best (PB) of 76 and takes home the black mini.  Welcome back Steven. Hal tied his PB of 73 and came in second. With his 5 points, December’s monthly will be a celebratory round as Hal has wrapped up the 2014 points title. Congrats Hal. Austin also shot a PB and tied John’s course record of 68. With his 3rd place finish Austin is now 2 points behind 2nd & 3rd in the points race. Dallas and John are tied with 27 points heading into the final monthly. Dallas also threw a PB this month and came in fourth. Dan, who we also last saw at a monthly in May of ’09, got the final bonus point by placing 5th. In summary, Steven, Dallas, & Austin throw personal bests. Austin ties course record held by John since July 2009, Hal wraps up points race for 2014, and December will be exciting!!! I crunched some numbers…In December..if Steve S. wins, Pete 2nd, Austin 4th, Dallas & John just get 1 pt.—those 5 will all have 28 points…that will be a fun CTP!!!  Let’s do it in a December Deluge!!!!—JBK

Pete Shoots Personal Best For Win!

In breaking 100 for the first time Pete takes home the black mini with a 96. With his win, Pete jumps up into contention for the 2014 Championships with two months remaining. Hal remains in the points lead with his second place finish. Austin out CTP’d Dallas for third and Jack gets the last bonus points with his 5th place.

Dallas Gets 2nd Win of 2014

With his net 79 Dallas became the third two time winner in 2014. Let’s use the number 2 for a bit here. Steve was 2nd with a net score of 81. Dallas wins by 2. Dallas gets 7 pts for first and Steve gets 5 for second. 2 pt difference. Dallas and Steve are now tied for 2nd in pts race with 22 pts.  Well..that’s not true, but I had to do with the number 2….Dallas and Steve are now tied for 3rd in the pts race with 23 pts. John took 3rd with a net 82 and retains his #2 spot in the pts race with 24, one behind Hal. Jack came in 4th with 83 net.  Had Jack not 3 putted his final hole he would have had a CTP for 3rd with John. Pete came in 5th with net 84.  Ben and Austin are tied for 5th with 17 pts and Pete is one back of them in 6th. Going to be an exciting final 3 months in 2014 pts race. Marie rode up on her bike while scores were being tallied and she is hoping to be out and throwing in our next monthly.  Good to see you feeling better Marie.  Keep ‘em flying’—JBK

Ben Takes Two

Ben won our July & August monthlies and has moved himself up into the top 5 for the 2014 Championships.  Ben just so happens to be tied for with with his Dad for 4th after Steve came in 4th in August!!  Austin, with his second place finish moved up to third in the points race. Hal, with a third place finish, stays atop the points race. Dallas took the final extra point in August with his 5th place showing.  See those of you that show this weekend!!–JBK

Dallas Gets First Win!!

Dallas handled the wind better than his opponents to garner his first black mini as a Chainracker. Hal took the 2nd place points with a better CTP than John and Austin received the 4th place points.  No 5th was awarded as these were the only four that showed.  Dallas with his win moved up to a tie for 4th in the 2014 points race and Hal took over 1st in the standings with his 2nd place pts.  Congrats to Dallas for his win!!

Steve Throws Best In May

Steve threw a better CTP in the playoff to best Austin for the May win.  There were only 6 players that showed up but all were involved in CTP’s at the end. Pete took third with a better CTP than Dallas and John out threw Ben for the 5th place points. Let’s see how many Chainrackers show up on June 14.  The Wednesday weeklies have been fun with a mob of 10-12 traveling the course together.

Course Closed!!

EGCR course closed

Course closed for Western Festival!!  Wednesday weekly     canceled


Albert Repeats Listening to Bagpipes!!

Winning by 4 and having the only net round under par (78), Albert won his second monthly in a row. With his win, Albert moved to the top of the 2014 Points race. Pete missed tying his personal best (102) by one, but it was good enough to take home 2nd place.  Carlos and John tied for third.  With a better CTP Carlos moved into 4th place in the Points race. Hal out dueled Dylan in a CTP to garner 5th.  The annual Walk to Remember took place during our play.  Bagpipe players were stationed around their walking course with one right behind hole 7.  12 players showed for the April monthly. Two players, Cory and Rebecca, are in the process of establishing handicaps. Congrats to Albert on his win and welcome to the EGCR Cory and Rebecca.  Wednesday’s 6pm is the weekly. Until May…Keep ‘em flying’—JBK

Brothers go 1, 2 again!!

It was the Hernandez brothers, not the Stanfords, that took home 1st and 2nd in the March monthly.  Albert, with a handicap 72, bested his brother Carlos by 5 strokes to win his first black mini. Jason, Ryan and Hal took 3rd, 4th and 5th.  Hal and Ryan are tied for the 2014 points lead with 11. We have started up the weeklies again. Since daylight savings time we have been playing on Tues. & Wed to determine which night will work best for most players.  It looks like Wed night will be the winner but we will discuss it at April monthly. My apologies for the tardiness of updating and posting March results.—–JBK

Aaron Wins Weathery Fun February!!

Aaron managed the wind and rain best to win his first Chainracker monthly.  The wind was more consistent than the rain, which became continual only during the final 9 holes.  Congrats to Aaron for receiving his first black  mini #24 in shooting an 89 (including handicap).  Jason took 2nd with a 91 and John 3rd with 93.  Usually I double check scorecards but due to wanting to get home in front of a warm fire I did not.  It looks like Jason was added up to a 33 for the long 9 but when I looked at his card later it came up to 34.  Anybody want to verify his double bogies on #1 & #9 and his bogies on 2,6,& 7?  So now I have Jason with a 92.  Then comes me and pencil whipping myself.  Raw score of 87 was correct but I added handicap of +5 and wrote down 93.  I think you would agree that 87+5=92.  Now it looks to be that there was a tie for 2nd.  I am glad we do not do penalties for incorrect scorekeeping.  Ryan and Hal both shot 94’s and Ryan won the CTP for 4th place.  Believe this is the worst monthly for weather!!  Very happy the rain did not come in on Saturday like it did on Sunday.  The photo is what hole4 and tee pad 5 looked like after Sunday’s rain.  —–JB
EGCR-day after Feb. monthly