Evening Doubles Begin Wednesday March 11th

The time changes on March 8th and we will gain an extra hour of daylight….SO. Beginning on Wednesday, March 11th, we will start weekly doubles play at 5:30 p.m. at Elk Grove Park.

Come out on Wednesday and play a round of Best Shot with a random partner. It’s fun, health, and builds strong teeth (or something like that). We will start a Wednesday night ace pool, so bring an extra buck.

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Is Evening Doubles each Wednesday or only twice a month?

each wed Clay

I will see everyone next week. Work is dragging me to LA for the day tomorrow.

Hello, this may not be the right post to be writing this, but I’ll try anyway. I am new to the area and am looking for a group of fellow discers to play with. I would like to meet with someone and find out about the club and any requirements to be in the club. I used to be in a club out of the Rocklin area, the Johnson-Springview course used to be my home course.

Jason: You found the perfect spot to post. Welcome to the flatlands. Every
Wed. at 5:30pm we do doubles. 2nd Saturday of each month is our monthly. Handicap needs to be established via 3 rounds of 27. This can be done by having a member witness all your aces!! There are 18 alternate tee positions to go along with the teepads. Would be more than happy to meet you out there anytime our schedules agree. What are you doing tomorrow morning at 8am??


Ok, I don’t know why but nothing I post comes up. This is the fourth time I have tried. John, give me a call when you read this, my number is nine one six-four seven seven-zero three six four.

Hi Jason! First, welcome to the Chainrackers website. Second, I’m sorry about the problem with posting comments. As it seems you figured out, the problem was the phone number in the message.

Apparently our spam software considers any message with a phone number to be spam. I wasn’t aware of this; my apologies.

Hope to see you on the course,


Anyone catch Marie on Ch 40 news last night?? Grass may die but she’ll still play disc golf!!! On another note. Parking may be tight Saturday. Easter egg hunt also starts at 8:30. No signs up last night saying course closed. Keep ’em flyin’

Will not be there Wed.—John

hey Jim, i am planning on bringing someone new this saturday. how much $$ does he need to bring and can he play in my group?

He needs to just bring a blank check…I will fill it out for him. : ) Actually, if he doesn’t have a handicap, he can only play with his actual score, but no better than even par. So, if he wants to compete, it is $5 plus $1 for ace pool. If he wants to buy a t-shirt, he should bring at least $12 (depending on the size). I will have the shirts with me on Saturday.

Oh, and yes, since he is new to the club, he can play in your group. But once he is a regular, it is random.

so if he buys a t-shirt does that make him a member of the club? what about a mini and a sticker?


send your phone number to my email address would ya i dont have it in my new phone thanx

Talk to me Saturday.

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