We’re Back!

There’s always good news and bad news in life…and it’s no different for the Chainrackers’ Website.

The Good News

The website is back up and running.  I’ve moved the site to a new server that is much more reliable and cooperative.

The Bad News

Everything (and I mean everything) on the previous site has been lost.  Our prior hosting service was not able to reinstate the site after they took it down.  They have refunded my money, but the information on the site has been lost.  So this means the entire site must be recreated from scratch.

For those who as asking the obvious question, “Hey Jim, didn’t you have a backup?”  Well, thanks for asking.  And yes, I do have a backup.  But thus far, the backup is not reinstalling.  There is a problem with the file or the version of database I am using (or some other unknown factor).  All I get from my wonderful backup is an irritating error message.

Wait, More Good News

Oh, let me clarify something.  All of the points data and handicaps are kept offline and added to the site each month.  This means that I still have all of the championship points and handicap information.  I just need to recreate the tables and add them to the site.

So, I will be plugging away a little bit each month to get the site back to its previous status.  Please be patient as I rebuild the site for us.

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Daylight Savings Time begins on Sunday, March 8, 2009.

Wednesday Doubles beginning March 11, 2009 at 5:30 pm?

First 9 on original tee pads, then mediums….when the days get even longer, there may be light enough for the long tees too?

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