How Long is Loooooooong??

We know from the teepads the distance for 9 holes is 2,489′.  Rough numbers for the medium and long 9’s are 2,900′ & 3,870′.  The long distance includes the new tee positions in previous post plus another I just looked at. #5–Just in front of the cable at the southeast corner of waste bin enclosure. (if you don’t know directions….)  Hole framed well with fenced area on left and compost piles on right.  Started walking off distances for a future XXXL 9!!!   Stopped after 7 holes with distance of 3,705′.  Lets work on this one.  (i.e.–Tee 1 to hole 2)  Give it some thought.   Keep ’em flyin’   Wanted to load some pics of new tee postions, but keep getting told something about security. (darn porn site).   Jiiiiiiiimmmmm!!!!! Help

Also added link to course map & scorecard

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