Some new Looooooong tees!!!

#4–From the long in parking lot, walk towards pavillion until you see the concrete cut in for wheelchair ramp. Tee will probably be on grass. Have to shoot through trees, miss #4 tee sign, then your golden!!!

#8–From #8 pad shoot for hole #1

#9–Follow cable line towards pond.  Concrete walkway comes from pond to cable line.  From end of concrete, tree next to it on left, shoot for #9

      Get out there and check them out.  Going to use them for June Tourney.

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John I got out and shot the new positions last night. I like them. I really like Looooong #8 & Loooooong #9. On #8, if you land to the right of the cable on your tee shot, are you O.B.?

At this point in time, no. Same for long nine. If you go right of cable and land on grass it is safe. Going through 2 cans of paint each month. Don’t want to make it 3.

No comment on 4?—LOL

I’ve played the new long #4 and I can take it or leave it. But it definitely adds a new challenge.

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