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Possible Conflict, An Option, Your Thoughts?

Conflict-I have a Disc Golf Workshop from 10 to 12 on the day of our July Monthly. Possible, because it may be cancelled due to lack of participants. Will not know until Thurs. the 9th if it is a go or not. Option-At least 3 of us tee off at 7:30, so I can be […]

Last Night’s POD

Nine players showed up for our first Play One Disc night. We started out playing doubles with 8 players. Our 9th showed up on 2nd hole and became the wing man for various groups throughout play. The coordinator, (me, tee-hee) was making rules up on the fly (another tee-hee), regarding our 9th player. We know […]

6/24 Play–Single Disc

Next Wednesday, if you come to play, just bring that one special disc you think will get you around the course. Just think, you won’t have to decide which of those 20+ discs to use!! Don’t forget to bring a mini to mark your lie.  Original course layout will be played. No alternates. Keep ’em […]

Bryan Wins June Monthly in Throw-Off

Bryan Becker finished top in a field of seven this past weekends monthly by winning the CTP* throw-off with Hal Horn.  Both finished with a one-over-par 82, after handicaps; but in the end, Bryan’s six feet from the basket toss was enough to take first place.  Rob, Marie and Jim finished third, fourth and fifth, […]

Handicap Formula Has Changed

That’s right. We’ve made some changes to how handicaps are earn, and calculated for monthly tournament. The goal was two-fold: 1) to ensure that new players have a fully established handicap that accurately reflects their playing ability, and 2) to bring all handicaps closer together to allow the establish, high-handicappers to be more competitive. We […]