Wed. Night Ace Pot Back to Zero!!–POD next week

Geoff, Austin, and Jason had the pleasure of watching John’s left handed skipper float softly into #5 basket. The best birdie of the evening goes to Geoff, for his second shot on long 8!! Drilled his forehand right of the basket and nailed a goose on hits hind quarters!! Best par save goes to Jason. Both Jason and Geoff thru OB on 6 and Jason threw his flutter disc on a 60′ rope to save par!! Would it be better to change the tee time to 6:30?? Sure would be nice to get more players out there. Next week is Play One Disc night. ┬áKeep ’em flyin’

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John, you stud! A course record AND the ace pot…all in one week. Very nice.

For me, a later tee time would be great. Even when I sneak away from work early on Wednesdays I still have no idea what traffic is gonna be like. 6:00 or 6:30 would work for me most Wednesdays.

Ok it said something about geoff, Jason, and John, but not me?????? Come on now.

My apologies to young master Green. Geoff, Jason and John did witness Austin drop in a 60+ footer birdie on hole……?? Sorry folks, memory not responding. My memory does tell me that many of us were not playing disc golf when we were Austin’s age and certainly wish we had.

IS the Wednesday night start time still 5:30 PM? I recall some discussion about pushing it later.

I brought it up a couple weeks ago. Have been preoccupied since then-(Father-in-law passed away) so have not followed up on it. Now I shall take the bull by the horns say 6:30 is new Wed. tee time. Since some rackers do not check this site out it will become official after Aug. monthly. I will show up at 5:30 until then and splain whats up. For those that show up at 5:30, we will play 9 for warm up then start over with those that show at 6:30. Ace pot will not count until 6:30 tee off, unless nobody shows up at that time. Is that clear as mud?!?!

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