Wed. Time Change

Going to tee off at 5:30pm. Was out there tonite and sun gone by 7pm. Plz respond so we can tell how many actually check out website. Hal probably checks it out everyday looking to see is championship lead grow!!!!–JBK

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John I will be there at 5:30.

How about playing the Mile Long holes this week. Jim wanted to play them. Just a thought.

Sounds good to me. Have a new secret weapon!!!!

i cant make it but if you wanted more people to check out the website you might want to have it updated…… no knock on you Jimmy, you do a great job! i only get to check it when i bring my laptop to the library so i had hopes of checking “my” stats
keep on keeping

p.s. Johnny dont be scared to venture on over to schweitzer the last time you showed up was MP monthly Feb 03 !!!!! bok bok bok bakok

I’ll be there and i just got my new star wraith broke in now watchout

Sorry I haven’t been around! I have a new job I and I work 7 days a week. I will try to make a monthly soon! I am gunning for a WIN! so watch out people here I come.

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