Mr. Horn Does It Again

The 2009 dominance by Hal continued with a convincing win in our November monthly. Since June, Hal has had 3 firsts, two seconds and that lowly fifth in Oct. I’m sure he would be the first to tell you that he has done nothing spectacular, being the modest one that he is. I can certainly tell you he has been spectacularly consistent. 84, 79, 79, 78, 81, 79 have been his scores over that span. It has been a pleasure to watch your smoothness Mr. Horn.

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pretty easy to be consistent when you have his talent and get strokes or are at even handi, i think the word that is best suited is SANDBAGGER.

nice job Hal looks like you wrapped up 1st place overall


Excellent choice of word. Hal did not deviate from his average score over the past few months. All I can say is wait til next year. I can see Austin doing some serious deviating from his scores. He is my choice to win next years Club Championship–that is if other segments of life don’t get in the way!!!

John thanks for the kind words.

ME……..Believe me when I say that I would like nothing more than working my handicap to an add 5 like yours.

WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that wasn’t the word i wrote when i left a comment i have once again had my freedom of speech altered i dun even know what that means unless it is a fancy word for SANDBAGGER…? and until something changes Hal will be my choice to win it again next year

Hal would you like me to say i believe you? i will next month when you shoot a 76 or better fair?
p.s. if you have wednesday off next week call me and we’ll go to schweitzer if not then friday maybe

Wow…I really thought we were a bit classier than this. Calling someone a sandbagger is calling them a cheater. And for what? A few bucks and a minutes glory?

Sorry, but this is juvenile and poor sportsmanship. Hal has never shot a 76 in any club tourney and his score last week was only one off of his best. Just because you didn’t have a great game is no reason to dump your frustration onto someone else. So Bryan…please keep the rude comments off the website and to yourself. The whining is unbecoming of you.

I feel it is silly of me to defend Hal when he is not the issue here. If you think he’s cheating and that we allow this, then you have choices. But attacking his integrity and honesty is NOT okay.

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