Club Sweatshirts and Hoodies

I have priced the cost of ordering sweatshirts and hoodies for the club.  These would be gray with the same screen printing as the club t-shirts.  The cost to you would be $13 for a sweatshirt with $2-3 more for XX and XXX Large.  The hoodies are $5 more for the same sizes.  This cost is only if we order 36.  If we order less, the cost increases by more than $3 per garment.  Although the club does not yet have the funds to cover the full order, I would be willing to purchase the shirts and get reimbursed by the club after enough were sold.

So, should I order these sweatshirts?  And, do any of you want the hoodies?  Please reply soon so I can get the order in before our next monthly.  Post your comments now.

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Jim I would like one of each size large

L & XL—hoodies
L & XL—regular

4 total

Jim mark me down for one regular and one Hoodie both in XXL.

Thanks for the quick response. I will place the order this week. I also found out we have to pay sales tax, so that will raise the cost about a buck a shirt. See you all in January.

Sweatshirts are in and within a buck of what I quoted you. (I was incorrectly told we wouldn’t have to pay tax on shirts.) So, here is the cost. The number in () is the number I have available in that size.

Sweatshirt: Small(2)-$14; Medium(2)-$14; Large(5)-$14; X-Large(5)-$14; XX-Large(5)-$16; XXX-Large(2)-$17.

Hoodies: Small(1)-$18; Medium(1)-$18; Large(4)-$18; X-Large(4)-$18; XX-Large(4)-$20; XXX-Large(1)-$21.

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