Change to Handicapping Calculations

For 2010 there will be one simple change to the handicapping system that we use for the monthly tournaments.  In the past we have considered every round that you have played when calculating your handicap (see note below). Beginning with the January 2010 tournament, your handicap will be based on only the last 12 qualifying rounds you have played.  This means that for everyone that has 12 rounds or more, your oldest rounds will not be considered; only the most recent 12 rounds that you have played.  The formula will otherwise remain unchanged.  This means that, since the worse half of your scores are dropped from the calculation, no more than six rounds will be used to determine your tournament handicap.

The reason for the change is to ensure that handicaps reflect how a player is playing recently (past year or so) and not how they have played over several years.  This will help even out situations such as a player who has greatly improved while playing with the club or a player who has significantly declined in their skills (hey, some of us are getting older).

As we are gathering quite a lengthy history of tournament scores for several players, the need to cap the total scores used has become more of an issue.  Most of you will see no change to your handicap for the January tournament based on this change.  Those who do see a change will only be affected by one stroke, maybe two.  If you have any questions about this change, please speak with me on Saturday.

NOTE: This does not mean that every round is used in the formula, since the worse half of your scores are not used to calculate the handicap.

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HALLELUJAH !!! this could be the smartest upgrade you have made in your tenure, i guess i should wait and see how it affects ME before i give praise

doing a awsome job of it Jimmy once you get the whole web site updated you’ll be doing an even more awsomer job

Just trying to earn my pay. : )

Nobody asked ME what ME thought about the changes.HIM.

OH good job Jim. HIM.

Actually I did discuss this change with ME at either the November or December tournament. I tried to check in with those players that seem most concerned about the handicapping before making this change. Nonetheless, I’m glad folks like the change. It won’t make a huge difference, but I think it will be good for the club.

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