Happy New Year!!

Who’s going to win in 2010??? I know it won’t be me this month. Won’t be there. I did mention last month for all to meet over by the Pavillion for future monthlys. Good luck to all and Happy New Year.

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well if i had to guess who’s gonna win and i knew that i was going to play at atleast half ME’s ability then naturally i’d say ME!! happy new year to you too Johnny, so you’re not going to be there….? you still have HIM’s mini right?

also the Skullmaster Disaster still has openings but going very fast and your division ” OPEN GRANDMASTER ” is going to have a large field, so don’t be scared heheeh
friend to everyone but tolerant to few

HIM’s mini?? Need to refresh my memory on that one. Due to death in family, not going to be able to commit to anything at this point. Ergo, no practice, ergo, game goes in the gutter, ergo, etc…etc…etc… But when I do come out of the woodwork for CVS tourneys I always play OPEN. Its when I come out of woodwork for PDGA events I play Am. Keep ’em flyin’

I’m gonna win 2010!!!!!!!!!

And who’s HIM??????

I will make statement saying whoever who ever wins sat. will most likely win the whole thing.

sorry for your loss in the family
the mini in question is the Johnny Webster “ratman” logo with #14 on it referring to his MP #
i had asked you to go out and check after last CR monthly it was left on hole 9 and you were my hero for doing so thank you

and i know the CVS has stricter rules when it comes to letting you play down in class-there is no fall back to am-once you get bumped you’re open for life

Thank you. Yes I have the mini. So, HIM is him. I understand now!! Memory lapse!!! Have always considered my life an open book, getting bumped from page to page, chapter to chapter at a moments bumpage!!!!

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