The First Winner of 2010 is???????

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Hello John, I do not know the score, but AUSTIN came in first. Believe it or not, I came in second with a personal best of 96. Hope to see you next month. Again, I do not know who came in 3RD, 4TH or 5TH, nor any of the scores. Doug

this is what ME thinks austin 1st (85) Douglas 2nd (96) tie for 3rd and 5th Steven Matthew Michaelis 3rd (85) Kevan 4th (92) HIM and Geoff tied and ME thinks HIM took 5th (80) Geoff shot (90) ME (79), HH (81) and Hammer (83)? tied for 7th …Maya (86), Jimmy (87), Feeelix (88) Darren UE (91) Craig UE (99) and Gabe UE huge side-arm shot the best pure round of the day (77)


call ME when you get back into town Johnny we-the gang are thinking about going up to the course in pollak pines sometime before the end of the month to check it out so if you wanna tag along we might just let you HIM needs to get Webster mini from you too

oh ya ME likey the new handi-capper system way-to-go Jimbo!!!!

Yeah I won 2 in a row. My handicap went from SUB 8 to a SUB 7. I thought that it was going to hurt me, turns out it did not. I scored a new personal best of 85(78 with handicap included), that’s 2 strokes better than Dec. of 09′. I was happy to get not one but 2 black minis, one from last month (I got it before the round started) and one after the round. I was glad that my best friend Craig and his cousin Gabe came out for the first time. I was impressed that gabe scored a 78 or 79 even without a handicap. I used some of my $24 prize money to by a chainracker sweatshirt. Those are really comfortable. But anyway I think Feb. 2010 will be my last one for a while with lacrosse coming up

Congrats Austin for your 2 bagger and a new personal best!!. Way to go Doug for 2nd and your personal best!!! Nice to see that some absentee Rackers found their way back for a days play. Looks like you and ME, or is it ME and you, or better yet ME and myself need to get our game together to keep up with these youngbucks!! On a side note for those who know Bruce Knisely, ran into him at Disneyland today. It’s a small world after all!!!!!

Oh I see, you missed the monthly so you can go to Disneyland. Well I won 2 in a row monthlys, you know what I’m going to do next, GO TO DISNEYLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cool running into “big arm” Bruce Knisley, you’re right about ME and TJK (The John Kimball) getting our game in gear!! im not sure if we’re gonna make the next monthly though,Charlie’s tourney same day but i have made my 4 to qualify for finals $$ we shall see…. hang on to that mini for me or if you wanna come on over and play schwietzer one day you could bring it hehhehehhe we will be practicing there more for the SkullMaster Disaster X

we are planning on going up to play pollak pines tomorrow,check out the new course
hey austin congrats on your win i can say i wont be missing you show up for the monthlies [let’s all hope the lacrosse season lasts through the rest of the year]

Hey ME are you mad because I beat you 2 monthes in a row????? And why are you always picking on me “ME”??? And where’s pollak pines???? And who is “big arm” Bruce Knisley????????

Hey school boy, since your on the internet reading this try googling for the answers to your questions!!! But try spelling it “pollock” and to make it easier for you with Bruce put pdga after Knisley.

I was talking to ME but thanx.

hey austin ME not mad at you for beating ME 2 months in a row besides it wasn’t just you who beat ME it was 4 other golfers that finished ahead of ME. so if i were to be mad at all the golfers who have beaten and continue to beat ME i’d be a very very angry person. but you could do ME a favor, only take the prescribed amount of your medication before you show up to play the monthly next time unless thats what is making you the way you are,then just wait till you get home to take it—only an suggestion i know you are just a young punk too

and here’s a thought bring some extra cash to the next monthly and we can play straight up for it….ok?? i’ll even give you 5 strokes think about it bring your lunch money hehehehe


polelock pines is a cool course tied for 2nd today ($12.50 each) in doubles and my partner was all but useless except for the 1 stroke they give him because he’s very below the talent level of amateur.

I don’t take meds. and i will not play for money when its you and me, because i’m sccared of you taking my money. Why cant we get along like the first time we met?? Remember??? You ME doubles partners????

j/k about the meds austy don’t take everything i say too seriously there’s no reason to be scared of ME.. besides there’s a chance you could win!! i have been known to play badly often more than not j/k but seriously if you’re not going to play ME for money please don’t say retarded things like “i will even beat you at schwietzer!!” you can be happy about your wins and rightfully so but there’s a limit to how much excitement you should display to where it affects what you spew out, some of which do NOT make very much sense hehehe
i remember when we were doubles partners too you’re cool just calm down a bit and knock the cockyness down several notches

just little ole ME

p.s. hey Jimmy it’d be REAL nice to see some updates on here………

Yea i can be a little show-offy sometimes but i promise I PROMISE i’ll be cool in feb.

BTW, on feb. the 6th(the day before super bowl and MY 18TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!) i’m going to play 3 courses with my best friend for my B-DAY, one of them is “Schwietzer” can’t wait to play there. I heard alot of things about it. Nothing but Tight wooded fairways, mud, and pole holes. Hal told me he scored like 30 over with zero birdies over there.

After the Feb. Monthly, no more disc golf for a while. During march I got lacrosse. And during April I got Lacrosse and Prom so the next time you’ll see me is @ the May Monthly


Not exactly Austin. The score was a mere 11 over and that did include one Sweet Birdie. Have fun at the course and by all means post your score for us after you play the course.

I will post it. And Hal when you got 11 over were you counting your score as you went on or were you playing par 3 every hole and scored 65 strokes and then you said you got 11 over or what????? I need to know my goal is to beat your score there. I also want ME to tell me if my first score there is good for a first timer.

we just played 2 rounds at schweitzer yesterday, gotta tune-up for the SkullMaster Disaster X
HIM played good too(had to be said) ME won the first round and HIM crushed the second round almost bogey free 2 under HIM also won the bogey bet for both rounds
austin you are only gonna miss 2 monthlys…? i was really hopeful it’d be a few more than that,maybe your team will make the playoffs and extend your season!!?? and Halbert did have a beautiful birdie with a fantastic drive -park job-on my faveorite hole(#8) he actually played pretty good that day for his first time out at little africa he was a pretty descent pole putter….. you just gotta take what the course gives ya it can be a humbling experience

we will most likely be heading out there on wednesday for more tune-up and probably some course maintnance G even might be joining us

ME the peoples ME

Hey ME–Make sure to explain to Austin where exactly on the pole the disc must hit to count!!!

I know, i heard, the disc must hit the orange paint on the pole to count. Hey does it count when the disc hits the very very top of the pole??????????? And what’s the SkullMaster Disaster X????? Sounds like I want 2 be in it.

not all posts have orange paint and most of the posts have an upper and lower band some bands are black some are just metal anywhere from band to band counts as a successful putt if no upper band then anywhere from lower band to top of the post counts as well. nicks and ticks any sound will do
maybe next year for you on the SkullMaster Disaster because it has been full since beginging of the month SMD is the only time you can play schweitzer with baskets -once a year – i do recommend everyone play it atleast once!! sign-up early sign-up often

and Johnny this saturday is the John Webter memorial doubles @ Auburn @ 9am can you believe he has been gone 4 years now?? i miss him still

ME the other white ME@

oh well i have 2 remember that. Last summer i was playing @ a course where they had 24 holes, half of them were GOLDEN Baskets and the other half were pole holes. Only theres were like 3 feet tall and had big round pieces of plastic drilled into the posts and you had to hit the plastic.

I heard that theres monthlys @ schweitzer every first sat. of every month is there one on the day of the super bowl?????????????

Yesterday, I played @ Schweitzer, today I TURN 18!!!!!!! Schweitzer is now one of my favorite courses. It’s not as tough as people say it is.

And Hal if your reading this, BEAT YA, 7 OVER, WITH ZERO BIRDIES, SO TAKE THAT!!!!!!!

ME, if your reading this theres something I want to tell you. When I was @ Schweitzer, I was playing with Craig, Gabe, and Gabe’s friend Dave. Gabe and Dave said if you tee-off and the disc hits the pole, even if it did not hit the painted area, it’s an Ace. Well on hole 11, Dave threw a TOMAHAWK, it bounced, rolled, and hit the pole, but it did not hit the painted area, it hit beneath the paint. So my question is, is that a real ace??????????

I know, i heard, the disc must hit the orange paint on the pole to count. Hey does it count when the disc hits the very very top of the pole??????????? And what’s the SkullMaster Disaster X????? Sounds like I want 2 be in it.

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