Handicaps and Club Championship Points are Posted!

That’s right.  I have posted the current handicaps and 2010 Club Championship points.  You will notice that the format has changed due to the time needed to edit data under that old format.  The current Club Championship page will only show the total for the year to date.  A copy of the complete point record for the year is available at every monthly tournament.

The other big news is, Austin’s crushing tournament record has resulted in a huge drop in his handicap.  Austin, who started the year with a SUB 7 handicap, has now made a dramatic drop to a SUB 3.  Congratulations Austin!  Your handicap shows that you are one of our clubs better players…but now the task of winning has become even more of a battle.  Best of luck as you compete at this even more challenging level.

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Why did you change my handicap from SUB 7 to SUB 3????!!!!! You said its going to 6 or 5. Now with lacrosse coming up, I dont think I’ll ever win. Well I’m giving you 2 monthes to catch up, so every point counts

hey austin first of all you should stick to using your name instead of chracker 2 which nobody will associate you as and second do not complain about still getting to minus strokes from your score i won my championship with having to add the whole year!! so you should keep the smack down to a very minimum,preferably mute


oh ya thanks Jim for finally doing what i have been asking since the beging of time seems like anyway , nice work a little bit at a time is better than nothing for months on end


Austin – I didn’t change your handicap…that was all you. When you start throwing 4-7 strokes better than your average, your handicap is gonna go down. Just keep up the great play and you won’t even notice the change.

Bryan – Not a problem. I’m here to serve you. Anything else you need?

Fine, but i still gotta wait a few months before i can play a monthly.

Here are my predictions for the next few monthes:

March – Bryan

April – Gabe

and if i’m gone in May

May – Gabe

Jim don’t forget my putter tomorrow!!!!!I am sure that it will make all the difference in the world with my putting.


Headed to the course….now what was it I was supposed to bring Hal this morning…hmmmm?

Let’s get this web-site updated what’s up.

What’s up is that my wife has been in and out of the hospital in Tennessee for the past four weeks and I’ve been out there with no access to the handicap data to update it. Sorry…but family is a much bigger priority right now.

Sorry to here that Jim, get well soon.

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