There’s No Stopping Austin!!

Actually, Austin will be stopping Austin in the near future, due to lacrosse season coming up. I bet you would like to try and make the March monthly to see if you can make it four wins in a row!!! Congrats to Austin for his February win making it 3 in a row. Jack, Doug, Steve and John rounded out the top 5 of the 13 players. Weather is going to get nicer before the next monthly, so we all better get in some practice!!!!===Keep ’em flyin’

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in order for me to make it 4 in a row, they would have to cancel the stockton game which is on the day of the next monthly

hey Jim is it too much to ask that maybe one day real soon you could update the site specifically the handicaps and the points?????????? it is tough to come here day after day only to be let down that there are no changes but just silly/ridiculous comments from austin! not that i am in the points chase just yet or unsure of my handicap but it would be an added bonus to see them updated after countless requests for you to do so. if it has become too much of a chore for you maybe you could assign the job to someone like Hal if he had the proper tools, i am sure he’d love to help out in anyway he’s able to especially if it were to have a current stats page and as long as you or he would be updating the pictures from the trophys could be applied as well……..

oh btw i played the greatest tourney in the central valley series today (the SMD 10) and got an ace (my first tourney ace) with my first throw in the second round “hole 15” but failed to trophy finishing 4th and i havent even counted my total collection yet close to 80 bucks including my bogey bets and my groups total score against SkullMasters groups total score we beat them by 9 strokes!!! thanks to Mr. Schweitzer – G money – also the horrible scores from the other group
ME because i deserve to B

Hey ME, Congrats on the Ace!!!

I would be more than happy to help on the updating of points and handicaps. I will see if I can make contact with Jim and see if I can help.

Maybe I shouldn’t help updating the points and handicaps, because right now I am still in first place and my handicap is 2 shots in my favor.

Ditto on the ACE congrats!!! But a Skullmaster Disaster without rain!!!! What’s that all about??!!??

thanks HH and TJK, ya nice weather for the SMD maybe with no wetness it should be the SkullMaster slim disaster only because it’s schweitzer the disaster comes into name

hey HH how much $$ are you charging per point?? i could use some as long as i dont have to take out a second mortgage


Your quite welcome. HH & TJK took a rode trip yesterday. Headed out at 4:30ish for San Jose. Had some chow over there then teed off at 7:30 with the Flying Deuces. The Deuces have been teeing off every Saturday morning since 1978. Play target golf at various parks in the south bay. HH had one bad hole. Drive got stuck behind an overhead backstop on a ball diamond between his lie and the tree. Took to big a number to make a comeback. After that round we headed over the hill to DeLaVeaga!!! Did not see any tsunami from Top of the World!! Of course we both scored over par but we stayed under 100!!! And no lost discs!!!! We will definitely be doing that road trip again.

nice!! i guess you did not see Georgie at DeLaVeaga huh? he was there this weekend. and i hope you said “good day” to Webster…. as you tee’d off Top of the World?? i think Johnny Lipniski was in santa cruz this weekend too im sure he was there

always one of the best roadies you can take when heading to DeLaVeaga!!
there’s another course in santa cruz a tough one up in the redwoods we played it last time we made the weekend trip


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