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Club Shirts & Minis

Okay rackers, time to buy so we can increase club funds.  T-shirts will cost $10. On hand: 2-short sleeve mediums,1-long sleeve large, 3-xxl long sleeve, 1-xxx brown short sleeve.  Sweatshirts: $14: 2-small, 1-medium, 4-large…$16: 3-xx..$17: 2-xxx…Hoodie Sweatshirts:  $18: 4-large, 1-medium, 1-small.    Lots of minis to sell for $1 each.  Put in your order so […]

Club Funds Update

Hello Rackers:  Good News:  Ace Pools page has been updated.  Bad News:  Theoretically the club should have $385. We only have $284.  A difference of $101. Hope the following explanation is understood.  The $101 number was calculated this way:  Currently club has $284 on hand. Monthly ace pot at $234. Weekly ace pot at $66. […]

Zack Becomes Another First Time Winner!!

By one stroke, Zack wins the August monthly. Geoff was on the short side of that stroke followed by Marie, Doug, & Hal. Eventhough Steve was not present, (played in the Gold Pan) he still leads in the points race. 7 paid players hit the course along with Skyler Horn, who shot his first round […]