Club Funds Update

Hello Rackers:  Good News:  Ace Pools page has been updated.  Bad News:  Theoretically the club should have $385. We only have $284.  A difference of $101. Hope the following explanation is understood.  The $101 number was calculated this way:  Currently club has $284 on hand. Monthly ace pot at $234. Weekly ace pot at $66. Add those to get $300. Difference of $16.  Total number of $1 monthly payments in 2010 is $85.  $85 + $16=$101.  The reason for the negative club funds is this.  The cost for the purchase of sweatshirts in 12/09 was $585.31. Of course the club did not have that much money on hand so Jim paid out of his own pocket.  (I think we still owe Jim some money)  I say this because: Cost of sweatshirts = $585.31.  Jim’s pricing of sweatshirts would bring in $591.  Sales as of today have been $303. So, if  the rest of sweatshirts sold today, we would get $288 more. $288 – $101 would equal $187 in the Chainrackers coffers. To me, that would be way to much. I could go on and on about all this, but I would probably confuse you more!!!! LOL.  Bottom line is:  Sweatshirts & T-shirts need to be bought so club funds, (not including ace pots) can get back above $100. I say $100 because trophies for ’09 awards totaled $103.80.  Don’t want to raid ace pots for awards, because if someone hits an ace then some of the payoff will have to come out of someone’s pocket.  Okay that’s enough for now.  I won’t be bringing up the idea of capping ace pot payout at $100!!!  Oops I just did!!  Keep ’em flyin’—–and I did not even mention the money Jim put out for the minis!!!

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still somewhat confusing to ME, so what is posted under ace pools is correct as far as the monthly and weekly ace pots are concerned? and the club is in the hole? so funds were taken from the club cache to purchase club clothing but too much was ordered and Jim had to pay-out-of-pocket and is being reimbursed back as sales go, then once Jim has been fully compensated the club can start to accumulate funds again?? with only 4 monthlies to go the club will need to see a huge number of members to show up,because the trophies will also need to be purchased!
i have a recommendation- jim you need to find someone else to do the screening for the club clothing that wont make you purchase a large number of items, makes it difficult without knowing prepaid/pre-ordered items and balanced club cache
and i would like to suggest that the monthly ace-pot have a cap,maybe $200?
anyway great job at keeping the website up to date and fully functional!!

That’s my purpose in life is to create confusion!!!
Don’t necessarily need to see more Rackers show up for monthlies. (but it would be that much more fun). If T’s, sweatshirts and minis were purchased that would fill the coffers quicker. Wintertime approaching!!!
As far as the recommendation for Jim, that will now fall to Hal or myself. Jim is a Georgia resident now.
How about splitting the difference on the ace pot–$150.

ohh well goodbye to the past and hello to our new leadership!
nobody said running a club was gonna be easy…. but i believe you should definetly look into changing who does your screening otherwise you’re going
you have to get up awful early to confuse the confuser!!
to have the same problem happening again. and i dont know how many black monthly winner mini’s he purchased with the order but unless you can move a majority of them you may think about ordering 24 or more- 2 years worth-
i will give you some of my influence next monthly,do with it what you will.

$150 is good enough to cap it at
well done newly recruited CiC


Hi everyone. I know this is an older post, so I hope someone sees this. First, I’m NOT owed any money. Everything is even as far as I am concerned. But John was right about needing to sell sweats, ect., to bet the funds to where they should be.

Also, I’ve only got to play once here in Georgia. It’s a park up in the mountains. Beautiful course, short holes, but lots of trees and challenges.

G’luck to everyone!

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