Zack Becomes Another First Time Winner!!

By one stroke, Zack wins the August monthly. Geoff was on the short side of that stroke followed by Marie, Doug, & Hal. Eventhough Steve was not present, (played in the Gold Pan) he still leads in the points race. 7 paid players hit the course along with Skyler Horn, who shot his first round of 3 for handicap. Best shot in our group was Kevan’s high arcing flick anhyzer putt of 100+ feet!!!!! Those that missed, beware of some new tees. #1 mid & #7 long are new looks.

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Great Job Zack!!! Great to have you in the club.

I can’t wait to see Skyler play with a handicap next month!! Maybe he can start giving Dad some putting lessons.

ATTENTION john and i agreed that since the next monthly is on 9-11 everyone should wear red, white, and blue or anything with the american flag on it. See ya on the 11th cuz after 2 tournies and lots of traveling im coming back to take 1st.

After I do one more set of 27 rounds I will have my handicap and will be able to compete. Just have to keep practicing.

Heard at tonights weekly that the Archer among us got three birdies on one hole at the August monthly!!!! Pro Boss of his hyzered into a grounded flock of geese. Hit one of the lounging geese on the tushy, then as the startled flock was ascending skyward the Boss grazed another. To top it off Doug put it in the basket for his third bird on one hole. (hole 2 medium) Wish I ws in your group to have a gander at the event.

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