Fresno Ace Race Yesterday

I just wanted to update everyone on the Ace Race in Fresno yesterday.  Skyler and I decided to attend this event about 4 weeks ago and I want to say it was a blast. You have all seen me putt, so any event where I do not have to is a beautiful thing. The event is sponsored by Discraft and for your $25.00 entry fee you receive two prototype discs, a hat, a mini and a bag tag. The discs were over-stable mid ranges in ESP plastic.

We played three rounds of 12 holes for a total of 36 holes and it only took about an hour and a half to play with 30 t0 35 people entered. The holes were all short, like our #4 or #7. You throw one disc per hole and it has to be one of the discs that you receive when you sign in. You only keep track of Aces and any shot that hits metal, which is used as a tie breaker.

Now for the good stuff. Out of the thirty plus entries there were only three aces on the day and I was fortunate enough to have one of them. Unfortunately the other two aces came from the same person. Skyler was one of about 14 people that actually hit metal which put him in a tie for 4th place. First place had two aces and no metal hits, second place had one ace and two metal hits, yours truly, third place had three metal hits and 4th place were all of the people that had a minimum of one metal hit.

There is another Ace Race in Modesto on October the 24th and Skyler and I would highly recommend the event to any and all as a very fun way to spend the day. I think he and I will be at the one in Modesto as well.

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Definitely sounds like you guys had a great time. Congrats on your ace and metal hits. Great photo!!! Nice shirt Skyler!!!!

Congrats on the 1st ace that was not @ EG

I’m so going to the one in modesto

Doug, If you log on to Face Book and do a search under Modesto Ace Race, the registration page will appear. You just need to click on the “Attend ” button.

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