Zack Takes Second Win of 2010

Well first of all let me thank everyone for attending this month. We had a very good turnout with 17 people playing and 15 paid competitors. It was great to see Rob’s son Kyle attend and get his first handicapped round. He should end up with a handicap that will give John a run for his money. Kyle shot a 73 raw score yesterday – Great Job!!

Well here is how the scores shook out:

1. Zack shot a 79 ( Personal Best) and with his handicap of sub 4 applied he ended up with a 75 for first place.

2. Geoff shot an 86 ( Also Personal Best) and with his handicap of sub 8 he ended up with a 78 for second place.

3. Skyler shot his best round score of 102 and with his handicap of sub 23 he ended up with a score of 79.

4. Steve shot an 83 and with his handicap of sub 3 he ended up with a score of 80 for 4th place.

5. Marie rounded out the top 5 with a raw score of 113 ( 2 shots off her personal best) and with her handicap of sub 32 applied she netted a score of 81.

It was a Great day to play with very little wind and perfect weather for the entire tournament.

Make sure that you check the Championship page and the handicap page. Things are heating up on the 2010 Championship and should be great race to the end.

Thanks and I will see you at the course.


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Congrats to Zack!! With two more months left in the Championship race, if you continue your stellar play a top 5 finish is possible. Austin and Hal need to keep their games in form in their battle for third; otherwise, Geoff, Gabe, Bryan or Zack could overtake them. Certainly hope I will be in attendance for the final two months in order to watch and feel the stress and pressure that are mounting within Doug and Steven as they try to drutt their way to the top spot!! drutt=(drive & putt) Kudos to all the personal bests put out there. I am thinking that for the final two monthlies the groupings will be according to positioning in the Champoinship Points Race. Possibly add a little more pressure!!!! Keep ’em flyin’


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