Skyler Gets First Win!!!

Well another monthly has come and gone and it was a great day for golf. We had three golfers shoot the personal best scores and guess what, they came in first, second and third place.

Results for November 13th:

Skyler Horn – First Place with a 92 ( 10 shots better than personal best) and a handicap of sub 20 netted him a 72.

Geoff Orris – Second Place with an 83 ( three shots better than personal best) and a handicap of sub 8 netted him a 75.

Zack Dansker  – Third Place with a 78 ( 1 shot better than personal best) and a handicap of sub 2 netted him a 76.

Hal Horn – 4th place with 78 and an add 2 handicap shoots 80. Wins 4th place in a throw off.

Steven Michaelis – 5th place with an 82 and a sub 2 handicap shoots 80.

It was a great day and there were some handicap changes as a result of yesterdays great scores. Check the Handicap page for your new handicap Skyler, Geoff and Zack.

Well it comes down to the December monthly for Steven and Doug to battle it out for first place in 2010. We will continue to group the players in December by their championship position. This should make for a very fun round of golf next month.

See ya in December –


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hopefully doug makes it to the final monthly

Ditto to that Skyler. Take care of that back Doug. You don’t want us to just hand Steven the trophy!!!! Funniest shot I saw all day was on our 27th hole, #9. Rob landed about 20′ from basket. He marked his disc while Bryan was priming himself for his birdie putt. Bryan’s putt hit metal, landed on ground and rolled towards Rob’s mini, eventually doing a 720 around Rob’s marker and plops right over the top of it!!! Fun to watch discs do strange things!!!—–JBK

haha that would of been more funny if i watched it. I still think that hal’s 10 foot birdie putt through the basket last summer was the funniest thing ever.

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