Hal Gets The Win in a Cold Swampy January Monthly

Wow!!!!How about that monthly? I do not remember being that cold at a monthly in quite some time and I never remember the course being quite as Swampy as it was yesterday. That all led to me finally getting a win. No wins in 2010 so this was a Great kick off for 2011.

We had nine entrants in yesterdays event and here are the scores.

Hal Horn       78   with an Add 2 for a net score of 80. Next month that will be an add 3. OH Joy!!!!

George Kimmerlein 84 with a sub 1 for a net score of 83

Skyler Horn 98 with a sub 14 for a net score of 84. This makes 5 monthly’s in a row with a top 5 score!!!!!!!!

Austin Green 87 with a sub 2 for a net score of 85. Austin takes 4th in a throw off with Gabe.

Gabe Alacon 82 with an add 3 for  a net score of 85.

I look forward to seeing everyone out on the course and hopefully the course will dry out before the next monthly.


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The 2011 points race is on!!! What is the daily trash talking going to be in the Horn household?!?!?!? Congrats to all players who survived the frigid day of throwing. How long did it take to thaw out???


congrats HH i was feeling kinda sick after monthly for the whole week!maybe i need to rethink about my attire when im getting ready in morning…



Watching you play in shorts definitely made me feel even colder than I already was.


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