Weather Wins the Day–Skyler Takes Home Black Mini!!

Players were so ecstatic to be out on the course under such excellent conditions that they all forgot to bring their A games.  Skyler’s B+ game was good enough to win the March monthly.  Kevan took 2nd, Hal out CTP’d Bryan for 3rd and Jack got the final points for 5th.  When I mean by not bringing their A games is that there were no personal bests.  Skyler & Kevan were only 3 strokes off, while all others were just a wee bit more.  Mike & Mark were back for their 2nd rounds towards handicaps, while Connor was there for his first.  Mike did bring his A game and shaved 14 strokes off his Feb. score.  Keep ’em flyin’—–JBK

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i wouldnt call that a win i played terribly

You’re correct Skyler, getting a win is not playing terribly and I apologize to both you and Kevan for saying you played a B+ game. Only three strokes off personal best is definitely an A game!! I predict by the end of the year that both you and Kevan will throw an A+++ round!!! Those rounds will be in the 80’s.—–JBK

i wish i could even show up with a c- game! my game at EG comes around when the greenery goes away.and even then sometimes not really
and i agree about Sky he has plenty of potential to shoot low 80’s, generally he already has a NICE smooth rip,better than decent putt! just a few eliminations (the pulls) and a lil adjustment on med-semi long approach’s and he’s on his way to being tough to beat!! good kid! he put up with ME and Jacky yesterday

MP’s may be thinking about sponsoring his way into a tourney or 2, some things need to get sorted in order to make that happen. if ME says it then ME will find a way
thank you
good to see you again Johnny

I had my B+ game going until I took a 7 on T-Pad 3. I had a “Tin Cup” moment and I should have just went for the safe shot.

Anyway it was a Great Day at the course and Skyler is the Disc Golf King of the Horn household for one more month.

thanks bryan and whats that mean sponsored into tournaments, put into to tournaments by MP?

yes Skyler, the Mutha Putter’s would sponsor (pay your entry fee) you at one or 2 selective tourneys this coming year. BUT a very unfortunate thing took place the carmichael parks board of sup’s decided to remove disc golf from schweitzer (our home) last night! a horrible decision!!! ME have been very sad,cried a little and havent gotten much sleep at all. so alas the MP’s may cease to be a functioning club,generating revenue and what not.
but once a Mutha Putter always a Mutha Putter 4 LIFE!
one more monthly unless Tim can make some magic happen……..
ME = 🙁

if the course does get takin out, what will happen 2 the mutha putter club???? will they relocate to another course????

are you serious?!?!?!?! wow i cant believe that even happened, hopefully tim does

well as far as ME knows and ME’s vote is that we are done with monthlies, considering us a non-functioning functional club! ME will do other stuff pertaining to disc golf MP traveling mini tourneys – most definitely a few rounds played up at Charlie Callahan’s!! kinda like his super tour but less limited special invites Sky you have full pass!

anyway MP’s wont just fade away but alot less of a HUGE role in the disc golf community

B-ME it’s really not as fun as it used to B 🙁

cool and thanks man. yeah man i understand

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