Hal’s CTP Over Kevan Wins It!!

Hal adds another black mini to his collection via the CTP route.  Kevan takes 2nd, as he did last month, and is getting closer to his first win as a Chainracker.  George & Marie took 3rd & 4th while Geoff out CTP’d Del for the final extra Championship point.  In the Championship Points race, Hal takes a 7 point lead over Kevan & Marie. Skyler’s absence keeps him at 11, just one point behind Marie & Kevan. George rounds out the top five with 9 pts.  Weather wise, it was the best this year, thus bringing out some older bones for the first time this year.  (no names mentioned!!!!)  This was Mike’s third straight monthly thus completing his handicap rounds!! Connor & Kyle threw their 2nd handicap rounds.  Both of Kyle’s rounds have been the best raw scores for those monthlies!! (oh, to be a young buck again!!) The only player getting a change in handicap for May will be Bryan.  Another change we hope to see by May is some grass/weed cutting!!!  Until then Keep ’em flyin’———-JBK

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It was definitely a great day for golf. Skyler should be back in May, although it might be a good idea for him to play soccer one more month and give the rest of us a chance.

i will be absent some monthlies in the future probably due to soccer but when i show up i’ll make the best of it plus i’ve been getting better outside of the monthlies with an unchanged handi cap.

will u be playin in may?????????????

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