January Monthly

For January’s monthly we will be playing off the tee pads for all 27 holes. Handicaps have been based off last years scores for your 9 holes from the teepads in the monthlies that you played. The formula used for normal monthly handicapping has been used for your teepad handicap. I’ll use Mike as an example because he is reigning Champion and threw the most rounds last year. Mike competed 11 times in 2011. His lowest 5 rounds from the teepads averaged 25.80. That’s 1.20 below par for 9 holes. 92% of 1.20 is 1.10. Multiply 1.10 by 3 and you get 3.31. Multiplying by 3 because we are throwing 27 holes not 9. Mike’s handicap is add 3. The rest are Hal & John +12, Darren +7, Austin & Connor +6, Geoff +2, Kevan +1, Mark -3, Rick -14, Marie -16, and Pete -17. There are many others with handicaps but they have not shown up in awhile so they are not listed here. Others are not listed because they have not thrown 3 rounds to establish handicaps. Are you confused?? Have questions?? See you Saturday—Keep ’em flyin’——-JBK

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So glad I’m no longer having to explain this stuff. Glad to hear that the club is throwin’ and growin’! Keep it up. And great job maintaining the website, handicaps and all the details. Only wish I was there with ya!

Looking forward to throwing in my first event next Saturday!

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