March Monthly

The 10 day forecast on is currently showing a beautiful sunny day for our gathering on March 10th. Although the temperature at the beginning of play looks to be a little cooler than February, 39 vs. 44, as the morning progresses it appears it will warm up a little quicker this month, 57 vs. 65. In summary: At this point in time plan on playing off 3 separate tee pads per hole. Cliff note version: Playing regular 27. All who show will have a better chance of winning this month, since I have not played since last monthly. Oh wait—–I did not practice between January and February monthlies yet I still won!!!! Of course there were a few missing players last month. Did Hal waste his practice ace the other day?!?!? ——-JBK

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No such thing as a wasted ace. Just finding the line I need for next weekend.

It was a pretty sweet ace, hole #9 threw my Buzz and it flew straight in. First ace of 2012.

See ya next weekend. has been quite erratic about the future conditions on the 10th. Once it showed it with a high of 72. Today it drops it back down to a 67 with cloudy skies. Twill be another lovely day to play—-JBK

Saturday was a lovely day to play, but today, Tuesday, isn’t quite so lovely. Doubles starting next week instead? Hopefully the weather will be better then…..

Going to agree with you. Hopefully the Chainrackers will look here before going or not go at all or if they go have fun!!!!

Hey! My apologies for mis-categorizing this post, but the Contact Us form doesn’t seem to be working. I am interested in the possibility of coming to play with your club, but I see that I need three rounds accompanied by a club member.

Who should I contact about possibly setting that up, and how? Please email me rather than commenting, so I can be sure to catch any responses I might get.


Doesn’t seem it displayed the email I gave.

Please send responses to redlightsevensixfivefour(at) (Change the numbers after “redlight” to the actual numbers, don’t spell them out. I just did that to try to avert some spam.)

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