Only Three Groups in May….

Austin took 1st Place in the May Monthly – for his third time in three appearances this year – and knocks Marie out of 1st Place for the 2012 Championship points…..

“Longest Commute Award” goes to Darren, who drove all the way from Santa Rosa — and barely caught up, lugging his boots, with our group on the first tee.

Due to mathematical errors on more than one of the scorecards, the remaining points for May 2012 are yet to be determined. (Prizes awarded Saturday, May 12th, stand as distributed.)

Points for May will be determined by two groups of CTP immediately prior to the June 2012 monthly, shown here:

Group One: CTP Tied for 2nd: Darren, Adam and Hal
Group Two:  CTP Tied for 5th: Rick and Geoff

If you’re late, you’ll forfeit (you’ll get the lowest points for your group.)

Starting with the June 2012 Monthly – PLEASE BRING PENCILS!!!

Each participant should plan to add up their own score card, and to verify the math on another person’s card, prior to turning in cards to Tournament Director(s) at the end of play.

Questions? Concerns?   Contact Us……..

Nice to hear that ten people showed up Tuesday for the Weekly!

See you on the course…..


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First of all thanks to Marie for running the file that keeps track of all our standings and handicaps.

Secondly I have taken Marie’s words to heart and have been practicing my addition for weeks now. I should be good to go for the monthly.

I have also told Marie that it was not at all cool that my handicap is now +5, oh well

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