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A Motley Crew in August

About a dozen or so showed up to play early last Saturday morning, getting started before the heat of the day. Some of the original Chainrackers (many of whom haven’t been seen around for more than a year!) showed up — and two of them brought home extra points!! Rob won the CTP playoff for […]

Ladies Disc Golf Club in Elk Grove

The Ladies came to Elk Grove and played 27 holes for their August monthly get-together on Saturday. It was rather overcast, and the wind kicked up more than once, increasing as the day went along. The Ladies first played a round of nine from the medium tees, followed by nine long and gladly ending with […]

One for the Money…..

Two Aces this Week! Josh threw one for the money — straight into the basket — on 4 during the weekly, plus he was there on Thursday to see Austin skip one into the basket (was that on 7?) Way to go, guys!!!  …..Marie