Aaron Wins Weathery Fun February!!

Aaron managed the wind and rain best to win his first Chainracker monthly.  The wind was more consistent than the rain, which became continual only during the final 9 holes.  Congrats to Aaron for receiving his first black  mini #24 in shooting an 89 (including handicap).  Jason took 2nd with a 91 and John 3rd with 93.  Usually I double check scorecards but due to wanting to get home in front of a warm fire I did not.  It looks like Jason was added up to a 33 for the long 9 but when I looked at his card later it came up to 34.  Anybody want to verify his double bogies on #1 & #9 and his bogies on 2,6,& 7?  So now I have Jason with a 92.  Then comes me and pencil whipping myself.  Raw score of 87 was correct but I added handicap of +5 and wrote down 93.  I think you would agree that 87+5=92.  Now it looks to be that there was a tie for 2nd.  I am glad we do not do penalties for incorrect scorekeeping.  Ryan and Hal both shot 94’s and Ryan won the CTP for 4th place.  Believe this is the worst monthly for weather!!  Very happy the rain did not come in on Saturday like it did on Sunday.  The photo is what hole4 and tee pad 5 looked like after Sunday’s rain.  —–JB
EGCR-day after Feb. monthly

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If you kept the scorecards. I would like to double check them, my groups scorecards were very wet by the end of the tournament and I remember twice when scores were recorded in the wrong spot then scratched out and put in the correct location. If it was indeed a tie for second I have no problem with throwing a CTP the next time we are both at the course and relinquishing points/money to the actual second place finisher.

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